25 Sep 2023EPD: Fixed Penalty for Unlawful Depositing of Waste Raised to $6,000news
21 Sep 2023Dress Casual Day 30th Anniversary (Monday, 30 October 2023) – Wear Your Momentevents
18 Sep 2023EPD: Proposed Amendment to the Minamata Convention on Mercurynews
14 Sep 2023Notice of Annual General Meeting 2023 (12th October)events
17 Aug 2023LD: Work arrangements in times of tropical cyclone, rainstorm warnings and “extreme conditions” after Super Typhoonsnews
15 Aug 2023Labour Department:Labour Advisory Board Report 2021-2022news
14 Aug 2023EDP:Updates on Construction Waste Disposal Charging (Chinese Only)news
26 Jul 20231st OSH Innovation & Technology Award – OPEN for Enrolment!events
18 Jul 2023FEHD:Anti-mosquito Campaign 2023 (Phase III)news
13 Jul 2023EPD:Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordiance (Cap. 595) List if Scheduled Chemicals to be Effective from 20 Oct 2023news
11 Jul 2023EEB:Consultation Paper and Briefing on Control of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) for Implementation of Kigali Amendmentevents
27 Jun 2023EDP: 關於壓縮型垃圾車進入指明廢物處置設施的法例要求 (Chinese Only)news
19 Jun 2023FEHD:Anti-rodent Campaign 2023 (Phase II)news
17 May 2023COSH: Smoke-free Sportswear Day 2023events
16 May 2023OSHC & LD: Guidance Notes on Prevention of Heat Stroke at Worknews
11 May 2023LD: The Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2023news
25 Apr 2023OSH & LD: SME Sponsorship Schemes – Portable Fans (Chinese Only)news
17 Apr 2023Recycling Fund: Technical Visit (Chinese version only)events
17 Apr 2023erb: Course Prospectus (April 2023 – March 2024)news
11 Apr 2023LD: Seminar on the Minimum Wage Ordinanceevents
04 Apr 2023FEHD:Anti-Mosquito Campaign 2023 IInews
21 Mar 2023erb: HKQF Award Scheme for Learning Experiences 2023events
17 Mar 2023LD : Occupational Safety and Health Branch – Work Safety Alert (Animation)news
14 Mar 2023OSHC: Webinar on Post Pandemic Reflections on Workplace Health, Well-being and Productivityevents
13 Mar 2023HKPC : Recycling Fund Virtual Technical Visit (Chinese version only)events
02 Mar 2023ESCA: Employment and Retirement Schemes Legislation (Offsetting Arrangement) (Amendment) Bill 2022news
02 Mar 2023EDP: Adjustion Suggestion for Construction Waste Disposal Charging Schemenews
02 Mar 2023EPD: MSW Charging Best Practice Guide – Private Waste Collectors (PWCs)news
14 Feb 2023OSHC: The 15th Outstanding OSH Employees Award – Open for enrolment (Deadline: 10 Mar 2023)events
07 Feb 2023FEHD: Anti-mosquito Campaign 2023 (Phase I)news
05 Jan 2023LD, Abolition of MPF Offsetting Arrangement: Thematic Website and Online Calculating Toolnews